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Born and grew up in Victoriaville (Quebec), a small city north-east of Montreal, I’ve been drawing since I was a child. I was drawing all kind of images that I liked like Disney characters.

I moved to Montreal in 1999 to take a 3D animation course (Softimage). Found out 3D animation was not really my thing, I went back to drawing and start drawing portraits of artists.

In 2004, worried that adding color to my drawings would mess them up but bored with just drawing, I took a weekend course to learn how to work with colors. Not much of a success, I return home thinking it will never worked until I tried it later and doing it my own way.

I’ve been a music addict since I’m little. In 2004, I met a band called The Trews and went to their show. Took a couples shots and loved the result. We became friends and traveled to see them in different countries. Loving that kind of life, I decided to pursue a career in photography, taking photos at every shows I could attend.

Being a band photographer is one thing and shooting for press is another. Both are FUN but I didn’t want to spend my life in the pit and get almost the same results as the other photographers. For this reason and other reasons, I left the photography world.

One day I saw a speech that Corey Taylor (Slipknot’s singer) did at a university and he was saying “ It make more sense to pursue something you are good at than to go for something you love.” That quote spoke to me. I got back seriously at painting and mixed two things that I couldn’t live without: music and art. I decided to paint musicians and portraits of friends along with some commissions people ask me to do for them.


That’s my story! :)